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The POM - 01L skyradiometer is an instrument estimating various aerosol parameters such as aerosol optical depth, particle size distribution and single scattering albedo. It measures direct as well as diffuse sky radiation at different 7 spectral bands (centered at 315, 400, 500, 675, 870, 940, 1020 nm ) across the sky.
Self-calibration is possible and several error sources can be eliminated by using one temperature stabilized detector.

The primary application for this instrument is in climatological research of the radiation budget. The POM - 01L consists of a tracking system, spectral scanning radiometer and a control unit. It is capable of making high accuracy angular and spectral scans. The solid angle can be determined by making a so-called disk-scan. The special feature of the detector is that it carries extremely high dynamic range, allowing both direct and diffuse measurements.