SKYNET is an observation network to understand aerosol-cloud-radiation interaction in the atmosphere. The main instruments consist of a sky radiometer and radiation instruments such as a pyranometer and pyrgeometer as a basic site, and a super site has more instruments extended for analyzing atmospheric parameters of aerosol, cloud and radiation. These data are archived into a SKYNET server in Chiba University and then open to the public (link, http://atmos.cr.chiba-u.ac.jp/index.html). Seoul National University (SNU) receives sky radiometer L1.5, L2.2 data as well as direct/diffuse fluxes available from SKYNET. SNU has developed a software which automatically calculates aerosol radiative forcing (ARF) once data arrive at SNU server. The calculated ARF data are stored in the Satellite Meteorology Laboratory of SNU.
For the individual use for the scientific purposes, he/she should follow the data policy listed in SKYNET web site at Chiba University, Japan.

If you have any questions, please contact to operator "hwanjinsong@snu.ac.kr".