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Byung-Ju Sohn, B. J. Sohn

School of Earth and Environmental Science, Seoul National University
Major: Satellite Meteorology

· E-mail: sohn@snu.ac.kr
· Tel: +82-2-880-7783
· Fax: +82-2-872-8156
· Office: room 523, building 501
Professoinal Background
Byung-Ju Sohn, Professor of School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Seoul National University, Seoul, was born in 1956 in Korea. He began his studies at Seoul National University (SNU) in 1976. He earned a B.S. in Earth Sciences and an M.S. in Meteorology from Seoul National University in 1980 and 1985, respectively. He received a Ph.D. in meteorology at the Florida State University in 1990 with the dissertation entitled "Cloud and surface control on the earth's net radiation balance and the role of atmospheric/oceanic energy transports: A satellite perspective". The dissertation work based on earth radiation budget measurements from the Nimbus-7 satellite emphasizes clouds as an important modulator in global climate changes by demonstrating that the combination of cloud albedo (solar reflection) and cloud greenhouse effect (trapping of longwave radiation) leads to energy loss to the space, which results in overall cooling by clouds. It is believed that the results found in the study lead to a better understanding of earth's climate and improvements in modeling the earth system.

He was the recipient of 1991 Seymour Hess Doctoral Dissertation Award that is granted to the Ph.D. graduate in recognition of the best Ph.D. dissertation from the Meteorology Department of The Florida State University during the preceding three years. His dissertation had also been selected as one of final three for the Universities Microfilms International Dissertation Award by U.S. Council of Graduate Schools, for the outstanding Ph.D. dissertation in the physical sciences fields, during the period from July 1989 to June 1991.

After a brief post-doctoral work at the Florida State University he moved to NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL and was employed by USRA for the next two and half years until he joined the Seoul National University faculty in 1993. During the span between 1993 and 2005, he has served as a faculty member of SNU while being active in various professional societies and committees in Korea, such as a treasurer of Korean Meteorological Society and a councilor of Korean Society of Remote Sensing. He also has served the International Radiation Commission (IRC) as an elected commissioner since 2001. The role of the International Radiation Commission under IAMAP is to promote research into atmospheric radiation as well as application of that research to practical problems. The Wolbong Scholar Award was given to him in year 2004 by the Korean Meteorological Society for the outstanding scholar in the filed of physical meteorology.

In 2004, he hosted the International Radiation Symposium 2004 (IRS’04) at Busan and served as a Chairman of Local Organizing Committee (LOC). IRS is the symposium organized by IRC at every four years. The pervious one was held in St. Petersburg in year 2000.
Current Researches
Current researches include algorithm developments for COMS (Korean Geostationary Satellite), MSG application for studying the water vapor-cloud-radiation budget problems, water vapor transport studies using satellite-derived hydrological data, and Global Precipitation Measurements (GPM) related researches. He has published over 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals, including Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, Journal of Climate, Journal of Applied Meteorology, and Bulletin of American Meteorological Society, Journal of Geophysical Research, and Journal of Meteorological Society of Japan.
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